Rent out RDR's Theater

The Roadies Delight Theatre is Shoreline's own black box theatre! With 40 seats, stage lighting, sound system and an intimate stage--it's the perfect place for young performers to learn! The stage measures 20' x 21'. Having said that with the seats and what not this is a big big room! With 14' ceilings. A floor level stage that looks up to the four rows of old theatre style seats; one of the best kept secrets in Shoreline! Also the room has a great JBL PA system. Meaning you can truly practice your work in as much of a realistic setting as any rehearsal place in Seattle. Except this is a real venue setup! Again, lights, sound, stage, and 40 seats!
  • This is a perfect practice space for bands any time of the day or night.
  • This is a perfect usage space for photographers.
  • Filming a music video? Yeah you are, this is the place for you.
  • Theater groups? Of course, doesn't that go without saying.
  • Truly endless use possibilities. 

The theatre is available for rent to the community for a low hourly rate based on use; ie: discounted rates available for long-term rentals. It is a great all ages venue for album releases, acoustic shows, group rehearsals, small scale plays/musicals, etc.