Jonathan Louis Huffman

Head Engineer/Producer

After years of amateur engineering in my bands rehearsal space I went to school for audio engineering so I could finally get the sound I wanted out of my recordings. I have a deep appreciation for all kinds of different sounds that has come out of music in the past 50 years. Being an audiophile I take great pride in working with bands to find just the sound they are looking for. I listen to all kinds of music and feel confident I can find the sound you're looking for. This is my studio I opened it in 2008 and I'm who you'll be dealing with 99% of the time. Feel free to write me and I'll get back to you right away. Rates are always flexible based on your situation. Thanks for stopping by the site. Enjoy!

Matthew Michael Swartz

My dope LA Producer

Need beats? This is your man. Need help putting it all together? This is your man. One of the most orginal minds in music. Feel free to check him out at

Ian McCarley