Why should I record at Roadies Delight instead of somewhere else?
A: We want you to be part of our journey as a studio here in Seattle. Our reputation is based on the clients we're working with and if people don't hear your record and ask,"Where did you record that!?!?!" Then we've failed. Part of the reason we moved to Seattle from Los Angeles is because of the amazing music scene here in the Northwest that is built around a great community of artists who are deeply invested in their work. That's the kind of people we want to work with because that's the kind of people that we are as well. There are a lot of great studios here in Seattle and we might not be the fit for you but its definitely worth your time to come check us out, listen to the quality of work we do, hear us out as far as what we believe we can do for your music and then decide.

Does Roadies Delight offer analog recordings?
A: We don't record to analog tape if that's what you're asking but understand if that's what you're looking for you are going to pay quite a bit more for that feature alone. We do however use analog equipment and record into a digital format on the computer. In general, studios base their rates on three things: the room, the gear, and engineer's hourly rate. We've all been in bands that have spent $500 a day because of the room and the gear but as much as all of that was awesome the engineer did not know how to get the sound we wanted out of it. It was a fun experience but the gear is half the battle. Again, it's worth your time to come by for a visit and see what we have to offer. 

How much does this cost? What are you're rates?
A: I have no idea! What's your project? What are you looking to record? How many songs? I promise if we talk we can come to a rate that works for you. 

Do you allow outside engineers to record at Roadies Delight?
A: Maybe? Did you write us and ask? RoadiesDelight@yahoo.com

How does one become an intern at Roadies Delight?
A: This completely depends on how much work we have going on at any given time. Hit us up at RoadiesDelight@yahoo.com if you're interested. 

Is Roadies Delight Records looking to add more bands to the label? 
A: Possibly, at this point only projects very close to the heart are on Roadies Delight Records.