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Whether it's for an album, a single, or a demo recording at Roadies Delight is going to make the most of your budget. And even better I'll help you produce this thing!

Specializing in: Rock, Prog, Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Singer/Songwriter, Bring it and we'll record it homie.



You're probably wondering...
Why should I record at Roadies Delight?

A: We want you to be part of our journey as a studio here in Seattle. Our reputation is based on the clients we're working with and if people don't hear your record and ask,"Where did you record that!?!?!" Then we've failed. Part of the reason we moved to Seattle from Los Angeles is because of the amazing music scene here in the Northwest that is built around a great community of artists who are deeply invested in their work. That's the kind of people we want to work with because that's the kind of people that we are as well. There are a lot of great studios here in Seattle and we might not be the fit for you but its definitely worth your time to come check us out, listen to the quality of work we do, hear us out as far as what we believe we can do for your music and then decide.  -Jonathan Huffman


About Us

We're full service recording studio and record label for experimental music. We're in the early stages and its a process but the sky's the limit. Originally just a dream to have a big studio space where we could have up to 4 or 5 bands writing and recording music in, being able to record all the sessions, and see what happens. By allowing all members of each group to jam with each other we'd get some really original work done. Let the ideas flow, and put out an album each year to display the best of what had been recorded.

With the freedom to explore new avenues each musician would be more focused on their primary project. Not feeling suffocated by one style of music. This is what the studio has allowed us to do. We record all we want and we come up with as many projects as we want. We use to always run out of money trying to record in high end studios, but we knew the most important thing was to continue recording. We didn't have the money for the mansion either, but the studio was something that could be done. Roadie's Delight has become our home. As we continue to build our studio from the ground up, we would like to offer other unique musicians a home to record the way they want.

We love all kinds of music and are confident we can capture your vision and help to enhance it. We've recently relocated to Seattle, WA after spending four years in Los Angeles. Roadie's Delight Records is owned, and operated by Jonathan Louis Huffman with the help of other producers and engineers who specialize in different styles. We offer high quality recordings for high quality musicians at a reasonable price. Our engineers are interested in recording bands, and individuals who are looking to push the limits. We're musicians, we love music, we understand what it's like to have a specific sound you're trying to capture. We're ready to work with you to get that sound. Our rates are negotiable. E-mail us with any questions or inquires.

RDR North - Live Room/Theater

RDR North - Mixing Room